What is a Home Inspection?

The home inspection is a visual inspection of the performance of your home. A home inspection is generally accompanied with two documents (mandated by state law). These documents include a pre-inspection agreement and an inspection report. The home purchaser can then use the findings from the home inspection to make a knowledgeable decision about the purchase price of the home for sale.

Should I/We be present during the inspection?

Absolutely!  In fact we encourage our clients to accompany us through out the inspection and ask as many questions as possible.  The only times we would ask you to take a step back is during the inspection of any potentially areas of the home ( crawl space, attic, electric panel, etc.)

Can you repair any findings during the inspection after the closing?

Absolutely NOT.  Although we have extensive knowledge in many areas of contracting work, it would be a conflict of interest and in violation NYS Code of Ethics and Standard of Practice for Home Inspectors.

What is the cost for a Home Inspection?

Because each property is different the price range does vary. Please keep in mind, finding the cheapest inspector may end up costing you significantly more in the end.

How long until I get my report?

We make every effort to have your report to you in digital form with in 24hrs. A printed copy will be received with in 7 business days.

Will you share my report with any 3rd parties?

No. Because we were hired by you directly, the report is your personally property. If realtor agents or representing counsel ask for a copy it is up to you to provide.

Can I/We call you after the inspection with any questions on the property after the report is received?

Absolutely! We always tell our clients calls are always welcomed, whether it’s a day, week, month or several years after the inspection.